Our mission

Fortunator invests in e-commerce companies. We are a team of entrepreneurs who have first hand experience with starting new businesses and making them successful online. We provide entrepreneurs with knowledge, network and hands on experience in all aspects of running an e-commerce company in Scandinavia and Europe.

We know first hand that the recipe for success is 5% a good business idea, 90% hard work and 5% luck. Therefore we are more engaged in the daily processes of our portfolio companies than your regular board-meeting venture capitalist. We work closely with the entrepreneur to help them grow their business faster and be more profitable. We also help the entrepreneur prepare for the next step in their business venture – it can be bringing on international investors or taking the company public.

Our entrepreneurs benefit from our extensive network that has been built up in the Internet and e-commerce industry since 1995. We love entrepreneurship and we are excited to share our knowledge and experience with our successful entrepreneurs.

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