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Profile Cloud - real time use of Big DataInnometrics – Profile Cloud – Creating a real-time profile of any and all your visitors/clients/users from all your disparate customer data to power your users experience on any channel – no matter what systems you currently use – or what platform you want to use.

Next Generation Customer Data Management. Innometrics is a SaaS (software as a service) company that has developed a platform to enable and facilitate using and sharing information between any online website system. One single script to activate tag-management, personalization, webanalytics, e-mail retargeting, advertising retargeting. Customers use their current solutions for CMS, Webanalytics, CRM, E-mail, advertising. Innometrics makes current system work as they were designed to. Customers include Eniro, Post.nl, Ticket, SEB, Nordnet, Tele2, Telenor and Viasat.

PerformIQ logotypPerformiq – a staffing agency focusing on people with a sports background. A dedicated athlete who have worked for years, for endless hours toward a set goal, is more likely to have the characteristics sought after in a perfect team player for any business. Performiq can find that kind of person for their customers. Rekrytera personal

Octa GTM Travel logotypeOcta GTM Travel – focusing on developing tools for travel management and technology to support low cost booking engines for travel agencies. The company has a uniqe technology for travel agencies, as well as corporations ranging from medium sized businesses to multinational enteprises, to handle their profile databases, regardless of the underlying booking, payment or business management software provider. This does help the customers to keep cost control and being able to act on the travel policies set up by the company or travel manager.

Boomeranger.com logotyp


Boomeranger – is a shopping system where you collect points on all your regular online purchases. The points can be used as money to purchase products, give to charity, or if you prefer get them in cash. At Boomeranger every user, customer and partner is a winner. The affiliate company gets new customers who will actively use their online shopping channel. The customer saves money that the company would have spent on expensive advertising solutions. Boomeranger has an international salesforce helping members using the system.

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